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This book contains an incredible story documenting the life of one woman whose dedication to humanity knew no limits. Her efforts to correct injustices during her lifetime impacted the lives of thousands of teenagers.

Born in 1909, her life started in New York, but in 1913 the family moved to Los Angles. At age seven her mother took her to visit a Bible school friend at the county’s juvenile facility. After a tearful short visit, and while walking out, she told her mother, “Someday I am going to have a home without bars on the windows for troubled children. Subsequently throughout her life she was always involved in teaching and helping troubled young people. However, aside from that she was one of the first women to join the WAVES in 1939 to help fight World War II. During this period she was assigned as the U.S. liaison to the United Nations and wrote several speeches for President Truman. She retired from the Navy with the rank of Lieutenant. She continued to fight civil injustices highlighted by marching with Martin Luther King as well as Cesar Chavez for farmers’ rights. Then ! at age seventy-two she, with the help of several successful businessmen, started CASA – a youth shelter that still exists as having helped thousands of troubled teenagers.

Her story should be a documentary as a blueprint for those serving troubled young people. However, her spirit of giving will still live on and we will continue to be blessed because she walked among us!  

Robert E. Wood

Author / Publisher

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