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I would like to introduce you to my unique services and books and also tell you a little about my experiences in working with people to record their families' histories, corporate histories and autobiographies.

My interest in assisting people to record their histories sprang from my youth when "Story Telling" was valued learning and entertainment. This value is little different today as it has been for centuries as various cultures and families have passed down their heritages around tribal fires or in written form.

The first book in Life's Footprints Sasquatch Series is on sale now!!!

My New Friend, Squatchette


My New Friend, Squatchette is the story of Xylina who stays with her grandfather at his home in a beautiful, lush forest setting. One night a momma sasquatch carries her injured baby to the house in hopes for the best from these terrifying humans. See more by selecting the book cover to jump to Life's Footprints Children's Book site @!

You can purchase a copy using our secure Life's Footprints Company Store or by contacting us at Life's Footprints, Inc. 360-807-8850.

WHEN IT'S MY TURN TO BE gOD is now available in digital format through Amazon!

Robert E. Wood

Author / Publisher

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