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Gary's story, The Legendary Life Of Gary Loomis was a pleasure to write because I spent so much time in a beautiful cabin on the North Fork of the Lewis River near where Gary Loomis lives. I did some fishing along with my work plus other entertaining activities.
Anyone who is a serious fisherman would recognize Gary because of his high-end G. Loomis graphite rods which are truly the best in the world and used by great fishermen throughout the world. Gary's life has been intertwined with such people as Chuck Yeager, known as the sound-barrier pilot, and Milt Shedd who built Sea World plus many other interesting and well-known people. Gary is as humble and down-to-earth as but few men are and I really respect and admire this self-made man.
We produced this book for sale as a limited edition of not more than 200 copies. Each book contains a "LIMITED EDITION" Number, a picture of Gary Loomis and Gary's Personal Autograph. Gary's book contains approximately 380 pages and approximately 250 pictures. These Limited Edition copies were printed in "Full Color" and the books are Hard-Cover Bound in Blue Leather. The title of the book, along with a representation of a steelhead fish, is stamped on the cover using Gold Filigree.

Robert E. Wood

Author / Publisher

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