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Second to Leo A. Vecellio, Sr., who was the founder of Vecellio & Grogan, I highly respect Ted Phillips who in 1952 co-founded Phillips & Jordan. From using a crosscut saw, an axe and a pickup in 1949 to perform a clearing project for the Tennessee Valley Authority he has managed his business interests to the highest level as a construction giant throughout the United States. Contained in P&J's history, Echoes from the Smoky Mountains, Ted's life's story evolves from a simple lad without much formal education to the most knowledgeable construction business man I've known. Beyond his excessive talent related to building his business empire, his humble respect for people is his real virtue. In fact, never have I interviewed so many people, rich and poor, who knew someone they all highly respected as much as Ted Phillips. But it usually takes a great partner to dampen a few wild oats and Ted's wife Avis managed that task regarding this early renegade. It's just a great story about many great people in the community of Ted and Avis' lives.


One feature in my book design was fully illustrated end-leaves.  The end-leaf design depicts the "roads" Ted & Avis have taken with their businesses.

I created a beautifully coordinated bookmark to compliment the theme of their story.

This layout shows samples of text, photographs, illustrated anecdotes and the personal profiles of employees and friends .

The combination of text and pictures makes this "coffee table" size book very readable.

A "two-page-spread" makes a very nice presentation of the companies 50th Anniversary celebration as well as other landmarks throughout the years.

I designed something more personal to depict Ted & Avis' 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration.

Robert E. Wood

Author / Publisher

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