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Living Our American Dream is the story of Lewis McKenzie Webb and Margaret L. Stafford Webb. I love both of them and it was a great pleasure writing their histories. Staying with them in Los Angeles on several ten-day occasions while interviewing and researching their stories was an adventure in and of itself. Visiting their ranch in Colorado while writing that chapter was delightful as well and they allowed me to take my grandson, Latham, along to ride horseback and ATVs with me between interviewing and writing. Coming from isolated areas, as a very young married couple they moved to Los Angeles in 1956 where Lew started with a small Texaco service station and move up to ultimately develop one of the largest automobile dealerships in the United States; Webb Automotive Group. Lew has been portrayed on the front cover of Time Magazine and People Magazine for his entrepreneurial feats as well as his compassion to truly give millions of dollars to programs for the less fortunate as well as community needs. Margaret is the perfect partner for Lewis and she is just as responsible for their success and philanthropic deeds. They observe all the blessings that have been bestowed on them, but their blessings were a result of hard work, fairness and honesty.

Robert E. Wood

Author / Publisher

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