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Writing the story of Robert "Bob" Williams titled My Life During the 20th Century was fascinating because at age 96 he could talk all day and then be ready for a cocktail before going to dinner. As with all my clients, we continued our friendship up until his death at age 104 and he was still as vibrant until he left us. While recording his life's story I also received a history lesson related to Connersville, Indiana, once well known as "Little Detroit." Many early car accessories were invented there including the rearview mirror, which we take for granted today. Other early items manufactured there included pianos, refrigerators, dishwashers and the list goes on. Regardless, most of those activities have since discontinued and, like many small towns in America, super highways now skirt Connersville so it appears to be just another Midwestern town with very little character. Nonetheless, Bob's story brought it to life for me related to how its early citizens contributed to the development of America.

Robert E. Wood

Author / Publisher

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