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The fee charged for writing histories is as varied as the people I write for.  Robert F. Williams' story was the history of one man who watched the world change through the industrial and technological revolutions.  I was hired by his son who wished to give him a special gift and I produced 150 bound copies of My Life During the 20th Century.  Vecillio & Grogan's history covered the history of each of their many subsidiaries and personal profiles of hundreds of employees, as well as profiles of many people they do business with regularly.  I was hired by the company president, Leo Vecillio, and spent several years producing three volumes for them.  I printed and bound 4000 copies in bonded leather and 250 in genuine leather with custom dies made to personalize each leather edition.

If you wish more information on my writing services contact me at Life's Footprints 307 W. Reynolds Avenue, Centralia, WA 98531 (360)807-8850 or e-mail using the link provided on this page.  Thank you for your interest.  Below are some of the histories I have written and I would be glad to provide references from past clients.

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Living Our American Dream The story of Lewis & Margaret Webb From Carter Machinery To The Beirne Carter Foundation- Remembering Beirne Blair Carter is the history of Carter Machinery Bridges Over Time The history of The Lanford Brothers Company
Talking Fishing With The Legendary Gary Loomis Echoes from the Smoky Mountains   The history of Phillips & Jordan My Life During the 20th Century The life story of Robert F. Williams

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A Promise Made

Our Partners in Success The history of Vecellio & Grogan

Memories of Eileen EJ Jones

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